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If we are talking in terms of ONLY photography, their wedding was one of the easiest tasks for me. I was capturing the people I love and care about, in some of their happiest moments. There was no ice to break with my friends. I knew exactly what emotions to capture and what memories would be cherished for years later as well. We were all very comfortable in the space I made for us.

But I was also playing the role of The Best Man. That’s where things got complicated. I was torn in between experiencing these once-in-a-lifetime moments, and also capturing them.

Watching every small glimpse of the wedding and having a microscope to every emotion they were going through, was a lot. It made me feel that much more motivated to excel at my work and capture these beautiful glimpses in the purest ways I could.

That is what kept me on my toes and also taught me not to shoot best friend’s wedding again! (:P Just kidding)

It all started one dreamy evening. We caught them by the beach, in Goa, holding hands, watching the sunset.

That's when we knew we were about to witness one of the biggest fairy tale destination wedding in the city of love - Goa.

What followed was a 3 day extravagant affair by the beach, with every event taking us by the storm. While fairy lights, frames of love, private canopies, smoke bombs, and live music with energetic guests were the highlights of the cocktail evening, The Hawaiian themed Haldi gave us major tropical vibes the next day.

From mehendi to wedding, every event was meticulously planned to make sure that everyone had fun and created memories to cherish.

The Groom, Tarun is an entrepreneur by heart, medic by qualification and and an absolute charmer by personality.

The Bride, Nandini runs across her calm personality, ever smiling face and a beautiful voice.

"Inki Pinki Ponky" - Thats how Tarun chose his wife from choice of pictures - Kidding :P

".....Its the eyes - that rang the bell but also they are the one that scare me the most." - Tarun

"We knew she was the one, I could look into his eyes and see the way they twinkled at the mention of her name". - Tarun’s Mom.

Well ofcourse, our lense captured twinkle and much more for this man in love!

Their Wedding was a dream that extended to a beautiful set right on the beach, with twilight and the sound of waves.

And as they tied the knots by the beachl, we could see a love defied by reality - Two souls madly falling in love and having their fairy tale saga!

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