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Love, Warmth, and Celebrations – that’s how our Groom, Vardan describes the perfect wedding, and the Vineela Vardan Vivah was, without a doubt, the perfect wedding! From gorgeously exquisite decorations to tipsy nights that can’t quite be remembered, this wedding was experienced by each person differently, and this is our Tale.

The first day of the event - we flew in with Vardan himself, Straight from the Jaipur Airport to a palace, excitement was definitely in the air. The same evening we had the Couple’s shoot because what better time to capture the Bride and Groom than when they have just met after the long wait. The shoot was magical and without disturbing their element too much, we captured their happiness of simply being next to each other.

The first day began and Family and Friends came in. First day was Mehendi with lunch and Sangeet with a cocktail induced evening that a lot of people ended up forgetting XD The décor was to die for, and the smiles on everyone’s faces that lit up with the already bright beautiful lights were just blessings that I captured on my lens. The sangeet party went on till 5 in the morning and it still didn’t feel enough. In between all the dancing and forgetting the world exists outside we were able to capture some unforgettable moments of joy.

The next morning was Haldi which turned out to be an intimate event by the gorgeous poolside and Gujarat sun, baking in the morning light, there were laughs, giggles and happiness as far as the eye could see. My absolute favourite were the moments of fun we captured between the groom and his friends and cousins pouring anything from eggs to beer on his head! Haldi was definitely an event to watch.

And then came the grand Baraat. I have been to many Baarats in my life but trust me when I tell you this one was out of the world. It was just MAD MAD MAD! The energy was off the charts, everybody danced their hearts out, and it didn’t stop for a full 3 hours – shooting this event was one of my favourite memories because we got to be right in the middle of all the fun and frolic!

The wedding was everything a Bride and Groom dream of - Pattu Sarees, ornate flower decor, amazing food and even better drinks! It was the perfect mix of a traditional wedding and a fun part. From blissful chanting of Mantras, Purohits to loud, fun dance music, we experienced and captured it all.

And then came the most awaited moment, I could see how anxious but also excited the groom was. The moment the bride and groom laid eyes on each other – it was love all over again. The wedding was as perfect as you could imagine and it was just as fun to shoot it.


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