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Raghavi + Preetam

Trust us when we say this - we haven't seen a humbler couple so deep in love, before.

With a childlike innocence,

Raghavi has this power of spreading love everywhere,and making everyone comfortable around her.

Well, lets just say its hard not to get smitten. So when Preetham first saw Raghavi at a friends wedding some 7 years ago- he was smitten too.

The highlight of the entire celebrations was the bridal entry, on a chariot, embellished with various stones.The entire hall froze for a moment, as she gracefully made her entry towards her prince charming, waiting on a pedestal on the stage that looked like a piece from the heaven.

What followed was a series of ups and down, all around deep passionate love.Childhood sweethearts turned into life partners, what better a love story this could be.So when we got to know it would be a week long affair- we knew it would be a royal one!

"Very few people get to experience a love of this kind, let alone see it culminating into a union like this. But the day we decided to get married, we promised each other that everyday would be a big celebration of love".

And they stuck by it.

Right from the engagement which was a starry affair, taking Trident by storm by their extraordinary decor, the mehendi event followed by cocktail in Park Hyaatt is something we shall never forget for the right reasons.

Despite so much of beauty around, in every event, Raghavi and Preetham stole the show. The love in their eyes, the exchange of glances, the chivalry, the charisma- the affair was royal not jut because of the grandeur of the events,but also because of the aura of the couple.

Thats why we call it as THE Royal Affair !


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