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Hearts full of love

Pellikuthuru was the first event when we heard her giggle, and oh we instantly knew why harsha was head over heels.

Meet this crazy couple, who loves adventure sports as much as they love to dance together.

When we asked what brought them together "Our love for travel" was the answer in unison- followed by a beautiful giggle. The fact that they traveled so much and yet decided to get married here in India, explains what a beautiful amalgamation of traditions and modernism the couple are, which was reflected in their line up of all events.

Pellikuthuru and Mehendi was a interesting blend of fun with traditions. The ceremony took place in a rustic setup in a traditional years old typical south Indian house with a huge backyard, and it was indeed a teary moment for haripriya as she reminisced her childhood where she would spend all her day reading/ swinging under the banyan tree, and now at the very same place, she would dance with the man of her dreams.

The way he surprised her on her mehendi eve by his presence, the way she held onto his arms, lovingly gazing at each other, the way they danced away on their sangeet night, and the way they got married. Its these little things that proved us (beyond our lenses) why he was her man of dreams, and she - his dream girl.

Adorned with simplicity and love, this indeed was one of the most heartfelt and fun weddings we had covered. Bliss of togetherness, tears of joy, hearts full of love, dance floor always rolling and a happy ending.

Thats Harsha and Haripriya for you.


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